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Lolly Lolly Ceramics / Final Sale

65/100 Mug (Seconds)

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    Seconds are pieces that didn't hit the mark for out 100% Lolly approved sales, but are still in good condition for light use or display. Please note that the final finish and coloration of each piece will vary due to its handmade nature.


    Pieces in this category are just as durable as the top tier Lolly mugs, but have slight warps (i.e. deformations, small imperfections, hot spots, etc) or have slight imperfections in the glaze. 

    Minor Cracks

    Pieces in this category are a little more fragile than a top tier Lolly mug. They'll have slight cracks around the handle or on the bottom of the mug. These pieces can still be used to drink out of, but are a little less durable. These might function best displayed where they won't be handled as regularly.

    • Black stoneware with a clear shiny interior coat of glaze
    • 3.64" tall x 3.33” width of mug without handle (total width will vary depending on mug handle style)
    • Holds 10 oz of liquid comfortably and 12 oz to the brim
    • Made in the USA
    • Hand wash only, air dry
    • Microwave safe
    Black matte stoneware ceramic mug with three extended shapes as the handle.